Accelerated Computing
HPC and simulations
Accelcomp is a full-stack software development company with its main focus on computer-aided engineering and scientific software.
We offer cooperation in the field of scientifically and computationally challenging simulations of a wide range of processes.

High quality numerical experiments and predictions are getting more accessible as computing power grows and utility software libraries are being developed. In case the existing software is not satisfactory in your domain for any reason, we can come up with a flexible and efficient individual solution.

Depending on the demand from engineers (end users) the user interface can vary from a set of input fields and 3D-modelling tools to a development environment for domain-specific language.

Based on the problem's needs in computing power we offer computing kernels for a range of architectures from workstations to heterogeneous computing clusters.

In every case our first aim is to deliver stable and reproducible simulations.
Simulation software relies on numerous components and we got professionals at every stage:
  • mathematical modelling
  • numerical approximations
  • high-performance computing kernels
  • automated deployment on computing clusters
  • selection of problem-specific hardware
  • web applications and cross-platform desktop applications
  • 3D-modelling tools
  • publication-level graphical output.

We are located in Yaroslavl, Russia.

+7 910 970 0798
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